Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dress Shopping Day 2

Last week I went to David's Bridal with 3 of my bridesmaids and my fiance :) I had a lot more fun than the first time I went dress shopping. There were also more dresses that felt more like me. Here are some pics...

I guess it's pretty obvious which was my favorite :)

We are going shopping again tomorrow. I originally was so sure about buying a pre-owned dress, but after shopping and talking with some of my friends, they are starting to sway me into thinking it's okay to buy a new dress. I am by no means a saint, I try to follow my beliefs and values best I can... but I know I fail sometimes. This is a perfect example. I have an idea of what it takes to make a wedding dress, where it comes from, who made it, how it got here, etc. plus this is a 1-time wear dress (couple hours for that matter). I find really hard to justify buying a new one. I've been shopping just to see how dresses fit, but it's starting to turn into more than that... I hope I don't cave in... The idea of making my own dress is getting smaller by the week... btw, only 87 days to go til the wedding!!!

Great news, exciting news: my future in-laws are wanting to give us $5,000 for the honeymoon :D I wasn't expecting anything because we didn't want to rely on others money... but we aren't going to reject their offer, lol.

Weight update: I've lost about 5 pounds so far, haha... it's really hard to tell, but the scale doesn't lie I hope! It's pretty good considering I have only worked out about 4x since setting my goal. Although, I have been trying to watch what I eat (not going crazy strict, but making small changes).

Location Decision: We are going to stick to the original plan and have the wedding & dessert reception where we booked, then we are gonna have a celebration party in my parent's backyard. The party is gonna be a potluck dinner and we are gonna have dancing!! yay :) best of both I think. Here are some pics of the wedding venue:
Ceremony Location: This is one of the prettiest places on campus. If the ceremony starts around 2, we might have shade problems, doesn't help the wedding is in summer, hehe.

Dessert Reception Location: This is the room with an attached kitchen and courtyard.

The guy in the pictures is a groomsmen and the girl is a bridesmaid :)