Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just like pretty much everyone else, I have been crazy busy this month! So here's a quick post before I go to bed :)

So weight update: I've lost 8lbs total as of this morning... not to great but better than nothing, especially for my super underachieving attempt. I must make major improvements here, although I am glad I'm not obsessed with it!

Dress update: I got it!! yay :) I felt so much pressure to get one right away so I did. And I've been having second thoughts about it, but oh well... its just a dress & I like mine. It was pretty random how I found it. My fiance and I were at the mall (looking to register at a department store) when we walked past a kid's formal wear store. I saw some cute flower girl dresses so we went inside to take a look. Well, in the back corner they had a few bridal gowns! One caught my eye, tried it on, and liked it. 1 week later we went back to check it out again and ended up getting it! We had a delightful surprise when we saw it was 60% off. The thing that makes me pretty sad is I kinda compromised on my beliefs here... but I do plan on selling/donating the dress after the wedding. Here are a couple pictures:
(the corset back was undone here)
(here the back is half done)
(close up of the front, waist area)

I love how it has some sparkle and lace... also it has a small train which is perfect for the lawn.

There has been some drama going on with a MOH (both of my sisters were asked to be MOH). Long story short, I haven't told her yet if she is still gonna be part of the wedding... it's pretty ridiculous.

My dad has been working in the backyard almost everyday and I've been trying to help him as much as I can. We changed and moved around some stuff. We made a "greenhouse" and planted some stuff. I will have to post some pictures in a couple days.

Invitations! I have been working on those this past weekend. We are making our own and taking them to a printer. Fiance has almost completed the guest list with all the addresses too! We weren't quite sure what we wanted to do about invitations until we saw this one:

Isn't that such a great idea!?!!? That's hint to what we are doing... actually, pretty much the same thing, lol.

Well, eyelids are gettin heavy. Time to hit the hay :)