Thursday, December 31, 2009

Postponed Post

I have a few hours before the new year starts!! i have been busy these past couple weeks and have been putting off blogging. it really is better to just post right away or else it all adds up and i can't post all i wanted to... but here are a few highlights since i last posted...

for christmas, my boyfriend took me to san francisco to see the nutcracker!!! it was awesome. there were a lot of families and everyone was dressed up all christmasy :) it was funny because my boyfriend didn't know anything about the nutcracker, but half way through he told me "darling, this is the kind of stuff that goes on in your head, huh?" hehe.... well, we had our own little adventure in the city that day. we found a great donut shop and yummy teriyaki... it was wonderful fun and i wish i took more pictures to capture that day.



and of course christmas came and went rather quickly! this was the first year our family didn't have a christmas tree. it was a bit sad, but i was actually really happy. lately, i have been depressed with our country's need to consume and turning almost every holiday into something it's not... on a happier note, i had fun wrapping gifts in more creative ways than the typical one time use wrapping paper...  for example, i made a collage of pictures for my parents and wrapped it in an extra christmas pillowcase we had, i used some leftover lace to hold it together and scrap paper for the gift tag... another thing i did was make little felt pouches for some rings i got for the girls in my family... we definitely had a "greener christmas"

*these are yummy yummy cookies our granny made for us. she makes them every christmas :)

*these are hair clips i made for some of my girl friends

2009 was kind of slow for me. i have been trying to figure out what i want to do with my life and its an intensely taxing process... i wish i was one of those people who just knew... but there are many career paths that have caught my eye and i just cant decide... i hope this new year i will be able to continue my journey of figuring it out. i am excited for this coming year. many projects in mind and new responsibilities coming up!! good bye 2009 hello 2010 :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unexpected Delightful Surprises

This past week has been superbly wonderful! One of my best friends came home from being in another country for years... Also, we had our church christmas concert on Saturday. Which is great because it means no more practices!!!

Usually I am not this happy during finals week. However, I have been quite lucky so far. I got excused from a final! It was for History of the Philippines. All day I had been contemplating whether to study or not for this final, and chose not to, lol. I really wasn't feeling it. The hour before the final I started to become extremely worried and wish I would have studied. I showed up for the final and waited while our professor took attendance. When he called my name he noticed I had no absences. He asked if I had been taking notes and I said yes. He then asked to see my notebooks. He looked through them, seeing what I had written. He told me I took good notes and saw I was taking this class seriously. He then handed me the final and told me to go home. Really?!?!! I was shocked! He repeated himself, "Please go home." WOW!!!! what an amazing surprise!!!!! In the car I took a look at the final... and oh my... I would not have done well if I took it.

Then for my Human Biology final, all the multiple choice questions had the answers highlighted! Somehow they made a mistake while printing our exams... Our teacher simply said it was too late to do anything and "Merry Christmas!" lol... he joked that now some of us actually had a chance to pass now... and that if we did bad on the final we needed to seek professional help, lol....

I will not push my luck and will take my last final seriously. It is on Friday, which gives me a good amount of time to study. It is an essay type test where I will have to write atleast 2 essays... so I really need to prepare for that. (U.S. History)

On another note, I made 3 buntings last week. My little sister said she would like this year's christmas decorations to be in pink, white, silver, etc. So I did "peace", "joy", and "love" in some pink and white materials I had from previous projects. First time making these, next time I won't space them out as much and make the letters centered better... Oh well...

I also made this brush roll kit for my friend...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Creations

Just wanted to post some lil creatures I made.

Well, I didn't make the cute little hello kitty... but I did make that lil treasure bag she's sitting in. :)

I am so excited for Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year. The beautiful twinkle lights and cheery spirit... I am in the process of making some ornaments... here's one so far:

I am planning to make a bunch of those hearts (white and green ones as well, white maybe with "peace" and green maybe with "joy" or the other way around, lol). Inspired by Lina's wonderfully cute bunting, I hope to make a christmas one! I wish I had a lot of time to sew...

I must get ready to go to my little sister's basketball game!!