Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our 1st Anniversary

A couple weeks ago we had our first anniversary :) I can't believe it has already been one year since we got married!! (and I still haven't changed my name, eek!!!) We had a small get together at my parents' house. Lina helped out a lot with the party. She's such a wonderful friend :) Almost all these pictures are from her too!


floral arrangement from my mom
ice cream sundae table

veggie kabobs

lots of fresh fruit

my dad made wooden coasters

flowers floating in a giant margarita glass

food deck
Many things (plates, napkins, curtains) were reused from our wedding. My parents' backyard has some nautical decor, so we included that element into the party here and there. For example, those jars of lights are hanging from ship's wheels. There were tons of lights everywhere! I wish I took more pictures :( It was really pretty. We had meat & veggie dogs & burgers. Almost all the fruit and veggies were from the local farmer's market. We got a bag of peaches for $2! Plums were free from the yard. Lina made her super delicious peanut butter cookies. They were such a big hit! Everyone couldn't stop eating them :)

The morning after the party, we quickly cleaned up and took off for our lil getaway. Dale had fun surprises planned for the next two days! We stayed at a really cute B&B, ate at a yummy restaurant, went to a baseball game, and more!