Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garden Bench for Bitty Gardeners

I have been spending a lot more time with my parents this past month. I have been staying with them while I recover from surgery. Which also means I haven't been working for about a month. I miss my kiddos! Before Spring Break we, a few teachers and students, were really getting into more gardening. Our awesome garden box didn't have anymore room for new plants. We had an overflow of plants in the classrooms and in the playground. Of course we don't really have the budget to expand our garden the way we'd like. We decided to try and come up with creative ways to work around it. It just so happens my dad is wonderful at re-purposing discarded furniture. Between the two of us, we created a little garden bench for the preschool!

I don't have a current picture of our "Garden", but this is one from last Spring. It looks pretty similar.
We used an old headboard we got for free and an old sink we got for $1. My dad used leftover wood to combine the two into a garden bench.
My husband and I sanded down the bed frame. I painted all the wood with exterior paint I got for free at my county reuse program.
I did two coats. The paint dried pretty fast. I just couldn't work at a fast pace.
Here it is, all finished! I can't wait to post pictures of it filled with plants.
Here is another garden bench my dad made for potted plants. We got the wire shelf for $1. He used some leftover PVC pipes from another project and spent less than $5 for the rest.
We thought this would be a good start to creating an outdoor kitchen for the children.
We used the same exterior paint. (I forgot to finish painting it. Whoops!) My dad had an old parking sign the $1 sink fit perfectly on.