Saturday, April 30, 2011


It has been quite a long time since I last posted! There are many things I'm going to post about, but today will be focused on Monterey.

A couple weeks ago my husband, Lina, and I went to visit our dear friend, Tamara in Monterey. She'll be leaving this wonderful city soon. We wanted to visit her before she graduates and gets married :)

Here's some of what we did on our little trip:

On the Wharf

Very Delicious!
Funnest Stairs
Silly Hubby
Lina & her camera :)
"Our Sea Squirrels"
We kind of crashed a wedding, with a bunch of other beach goers.

the girls
Taking a break at the fair.
Tamara making some of her yummy drinks.
We caught the ending of the Giants game. GO GIANTS!!
Most expensive candy we've ever bought... haha, tourist trap.
More delicious food!
At the Cooper Museum/Store
Even the bathroom area was pretty.
Crazy flowers!?!
Can you find us?
All the book stores were closed :(
Our amazing hostess :)

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  1. awesome photos! that was such a fun trip!!
    haha looks like you are at the top of my blogs now haha!