Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Apartment

Waiting unknowingly for the job I preferred has worked out quite well so far. First, I got the job. They called me right after the interview to offer me the position. I've been working since Valentine's Day :) Second, the hours, pay, and benefits are more than what I expected. Third, they offered us an apartment at a very affordable price (especially for the area). Furnished with whatever we needed, includes washer/dryer, all utilities paid, no commute. My commute was 40 miles, 1 hr, $5 toll everyday. Now my commute is a 1-2 minute walk across a parking lot!! My husband and I are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Anyway this post is about the apartment. It's cute and cozy, but also pretty awkward due to the layout. We are still in the process of moving; we started about 3 weeks ago. We're really excited to make it feel like home :) Here are pictures of the place before we started putting our stuff in.

This is our little yard area and our RV neighbors.

We're planning to start gardening here.

Our front door.

Opening it for the first time.

Living room/kitchen as soon as you walk in. That hallway is the shower area and entrance to laundry room/storage.

Our challenge area; the bar/table and sleeper couch.



Other challenge: the ledge that goes around the whole room.

3 doors, 1 wall.

Before we moved in, they painted all the wood paneling white, cleaned the carpets, and replaced the windows. The church (who the apartment belongs to) did a lot of work to make the place nicer for us. We love the white walls, plenty of windows/natural light, and built-ins.

Hopefully, we'll be able to post about our progress with turning it into a home and the creative solutions we'll need for some of the awkwardness.


Happy Mother's Day!!

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